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George Adams got his first camera at age 10, and has been making images ever since.  Early on, he spent time in a studio environment capturing personalities on film.  Later in life, George decided to apply his skill in photography towards two of the other loves in his life: music and theater.  To this end, he founded Stage Left Photography where he applied his talent to capture truly unique and beautiful images in the incredibly difficult low-light environments common in theaters and music venues.  His unique work has appeared in magazines, websites, and has graced album jackets. In the latest chapter, he has combined photography with his love of travel to capture images from around the world. He can now offer truly unique fine art photographs from around the world.

Since moving to Maine, he had oppened a gallery and continues to take photos of difficult subjects in tricky lighting sittuations. 

Throughout this entire time, George has continually captured the faces, objects and landscapes around him while also continually learning.

George resides in Wiscasset,Maine with his wife and corgi Jet.


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